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I specialize in Medical Nutrition Therapy for the following conditions:

Gastro-intestinal disorders

* Irritable bowel syndrome 

* Inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn's, ulcerative colitis)

* Celiac disease

* Diverticular disease

Food hypersensitivity

* Priority allergens

* Food intolerance

* Histamine intolerance

Cardiovascular disease

* Elevated cholesterol and triglycerides

* Hypertension

* Metabolic syndrome


* Pre-diabetes

* Type I

* Type II

Eating disorders (multi-disciplinary approach)

* Anorexia

* Bulimia

* Binge eating


* Symptom management during/post treatment

* Weight re-gain

Kidney disease

* Chronic kidney disease

* Kidney stones

Liver disease

* Fatty liver disease

* Cirrhosis

Pancreatic disease

* Acute and chronic pancreatitis

Chronic pancreatic insufficiency

* Post-surgical resection

Arthritis and related conditions

* Rheumatoid arthritis

* Gout

* Fibromyalgia

Bone Health

* Osteoporosis

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